No More Moon

When a writer deems no words worth writing

When a singer finds no tunes to sing

When an astronaut can’t find the moon

I’ll still be here for you 




The Bottom Fell Out

The advice I dish out is a bit hard to swallow at times, isn’t it?

“You never know until you try!”

“If you fail, pick yourself up again. Failing is part of trying.”

Shucks. How can I expect anyone to take my advice when I can barely take it myself?

After many sleepless nights, inner-dialogue and debate, I finally kicked myself into action. “If I don’t try, I’ll never know. What’s the worst that can happen?” The worst is that I’ll fall flat on my face! Finally, I stopped talking myself out of it and talked myself into it. I took a chance, I risked everything and made my next move.

She shoots!



Ah rats!

I failed, I did. It’s not easy accepting this, but it is part of life. I tell myself, “It wasn’t meant to be. I’ll be ok! There’ll be other opportunities like this.” As of right now, this is difficult to believe. I hardly feel like pep-talking myself.

The truth is, there might not be another opportunity like this one, but something greater will come along. I won’t be sitting here waiting, I’ll be out there searching. I won’t give up, no matter how self-shattering defeat might make me feel, I know that it is only a passing feeling. Soon, I’ll be back to motivating myself and bouncing off the walls with excitement.

We can all bounce back from failure, we just need to know that “this too shall pass.”


Do Your Best!

My voice might never be heard around the world, I most likely will not be a chapter in a history book, and more likely than not my name will be forgotten by many. Will this stop me from trying to change the world? No, it won’t. Do I really think that I’ll influence major changes? No, not major changes. Why do I keep trying? Well, I believe that someone somewhere will listen. Someone will take what I say and implement it into their own life. For me, that’s an accomplishment. Changing the world one-step-at-a-time.

The reason I bring this up is not for any self-righteous discernment, but to show that even a minor positive change can make a major impact; we just need to try.

While telling my pre-schoolers to “try” to do the work before they ask for help or say, “I can’t do it!” (which perturbs me because they can! Some are being lazy and others are intimidated), they ask me, “What is try?”

What is try?! How am I going to explain this one? 

“Try is when you don’t know if you can do something, but you do it anyways. If you can’t do it, you try, and try again until you can.” That was my best answer. Now, whenever I ask them to try, they will sit down and do their best. They make me proud each and every day. This is a small lesson that I have taught my pre-schoolers, but it is something that they will carry with them through life, one of the few things they’ll remember from pre-school. By next year they will have forgotten my name, but will remember the values I have helped instill in them. IMG_2052

If 3-5 year olds can master ‘try,’ then why is it misunderstood by so many adults?

Where in life did we get lost? Many of us find jobs that can pay our bills and settle. We’re bored with our jobs, we stop progressing in life, and each day becomes mundane in its own right. Let’s not be stuck in this rut. Life is meant to be lived, not just had. New experiences will feed your mind, body, and soul. Our minds thirst for adventure, our bodies hunger for exercise, and our souls crave love and excitement.

If something is making us unhappy, we should change that something. If we don’t try, we’ll never succeed. Go on, take that leap into the unknown.


A few cards short of a full deck…

Here I am: sitting, waiting, holding my breath. Does this get me anywhere? No. Will this get you anywhere? No.  So then, why do we tell ourselves that ‘good things come to those who wait’? How on Earth is waiting better than doing? Don’t lose your breath as you gasp for air because this might shock you… it’s not.

We need to get ourselves out there and try. Yes, we might fail. Failure absolutely does not mean we give up. Everyone fails. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried.

Best way to cope with failure?

  • Breathe. Never forget to breathe.
  • Collect yourself and your confidence; never forget, you once believed that you can achieve your goal, why should you stop believing in yourself just because one person didn’t? Not everyone will agree, that’s just a fact of life.
  • Remember: Not all criticism is to hurt us. On the contrary, most can help! We should take criticism in great stride and use it to help ourselves. Fix the problematic areas, for example: If your teacher corrects your essay and circles the run-on sentences, read up on grammar and punctuation.

Society needs to stop coming up with excuses for people; don’t be a bear of very little brain.

We can do anything we want to do, we just need to put in the work and try.