Storm Cloud

A distinct disconnect between the lightening and the cloud

Thunder echoes through the dark hills

Static stings in the air

A night so hot and humid

Stars hide behind a gray blanket

Pretending they don’t exist

The only thing that seems real to me

Is the fantasy of love’s kiss


No More Moon

When a writer deems no words worth writing

When a singer finds no tunes to sing

When an astronaut can’t find the moon

I’ll still be here for you 




Her Heart

Patiently waiting

She takes in the day

The sun is shining

While children play

The people’s happiness seems so wrong

Their smiles seem so grey

There’s no reason to laugh

Not on this sun-shiney day

No one seems to notice

No one ever stops to check

They fail to notice the swelling of her neck

That lump in her throat is hard to swallow

Gently placing her hand to her heart, she feels hollow

Alone on a beautiful day

With no one for comfort, she is no one to save

She sighs and retreats back to her cave


The ride for fools

luna park

Buckle up, we’re in for a ride

A ride where thoughts and feelings collide

Spinning and flipping, we cry at the top of our lungs

Words twirling off the tips of our tongues

Wind in our hair, we can’t make this stop

Hearts sink to our stomachs with each little drop

Dizzy with indifference we come to a halt

Realizing now this is nobody’s fault






Confetti Dreams

I don’t remember the words, I only remember the way they made me feel…

Dreams shattered and tossed in the air

Like confetti they fall, spinning faster to the ground

Into the pit of my once swollen heart

A heart so deflated it barely beats

Where once a drum circle is now an empty field

Shattered dreams lay by my feet


The Mirror Has Two Faces

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost that battle?

They tell you to keep fighting on,

Never give up,

But for what?

I feel defeat sinking over me like a heavy weight.

I feel the breath in my chest struggle as I hesitate.

Hold on or let go?

I’m so certain that I don’t know.

I’m confused by him and his double meanings

Does he love me? Or am I just over thinking?

It’d be so powerful for him to finally say

That he apologizes for all the pain he’s delivered our way

But I don’t think he knows nor will he ever;

That when family says we love you, we mean forever.

I feel this grief in my heart, 

What I thought I had lost I finally found; only to realize we’re still far apart.

I kicked and I screamed then I sat down and cried

Because every time I see him I feel like he died.

He’s gone, this kid with so much promise.

His eyes are vacant his words not honest.

I hurt knowing that I must have let him down

Let him take his pills and in his alcohol he’ll drown.


Fading Allure


Body numb, feeling nothing but the warm tear dragging slowly down her face

Steady, light breaths fill her lungs with ample air

Knowing nothing in life comes easy, and that which does surrenders just as easily as its arrival

She lies on her back and wonders when it became this complicated

When happiness no longer meant a spritz of her favorite perfume, the subtlety of his hand brushing hers, and his smile, which she knew was only for her

She needs to find her way back into her feelings of yesterday

She needs to be reminded of the attraction she felt in the beginning

Hidden within her, if she could only find it