Slightly star-crossed as Fate twirls my life in her hands. She has a deranged sense of humor; laughing maniacally  as she intertwines love and misery.

Fate and Karma waltz together and frolic in the pain they concoct.

Instantaneously dismantling all stable ground from under my feet.

Splashing in the sadness, giggling and holding hands.

Spiraling they go hand in hand; weaving emotions and hurling them in the air.

Not a care in the world, they continue onward as I remain lost in the rubble of their deserted mess.



No More Moon

When a writer deems no words worth writing

When a singer finds no tunes to sing

When an astronaut can’t find the moon

I’ll still be here for you 




Confetti Dreams

I don’t remember the words, I only remember the way they made me feel…

Dreams shattered and tossed in the air

Like confetti they fall, spinning faster to the ground

Into the pit of my once swollen heart

A heart so deflated it barely beats

Where once a drum circle is now an empty field

Shattered dreams lay by my feet


A puzzle with a missing piece



 And it kills me to see him and all of his simplicity standing before me

Tenacious to the slightest chance of hope, nails digging deep

Sinking slowly into unremitting pain

Feeling nothing, inordinately insane

As tears stream down his face

Here I sit, numbly with no feelings to trace

Darkness creeps around us

Submerging our bodies in a dense, cold air

Shadows form a mask, a partial disguise

Deeply he stares, he waits for my reply

An everlasting wait

For I have already said my goodbye.


Til death do us part

Twisted in her web of lies

Struggling to break free; she cries

Her venomous words so sharp and malice

Her voice always strong and callous

Holding her head high

She takes one last deep sigh

This knife in her back stabs her heart

This is her fault, “til death do us part”

All of this time he believed her

All of this time she has been a deceiver

In perfume she is doused

Her trembling hand strikes a match to their house

She sits on the bed to wait

She accepts her deadly fate

He has run to the store

She will hurt him just once more



A rose in her hand

Sitting on a park bench in her favorite blue dress

Birds chirp songs of happiness

The sun is shining on this crystal clear day

Children laugh as they skip and play

Neighbors are out walking

Smiling and talking

Avoiding her eyes as though they’ll catch it, too

She sits hopelessly waiting, what else is there to do?

No one stops to ask nor will she say

But everything is dark on this sun-shiny day

She stands and straightens her dress with a tear

Knowing God needs her angel more than she needed him here

She walks over to the spot where they wed

The place where he said, “I’ll never leave you” then kissed her head

She knows she needs to be brave

She takes a deep breath and places the rose on his grave