A barren vase set on a table

Transparent to the naked eye

To one, what you see is what it is

…simply an empty vase

To another it is a symbol

Something is missing

Fill the vase with flowers

This will change its perception

Fill the vase with the wrong flowers; change interpretation

Unaware of the signs, one moves forward

Reading too deeply, another tries to stay strong

Battling the conscience between right and wrong

Forsaken flowers wither in a lucid vase

Threading dispassion into lace

The universe seems solid to the unwitting mind





A puzzle with a missing piece



 And it kills me to see him and all of his simplicity standing before me

Tenacious to the slightest chance of hope, nails digging deep

Sinking slowly into unremitting pain

Feeling nothing, inordinately insane

As tears stream down his face

Here I sit, numbly with no feelings to trace

Darkness creeps around us

Submerging our bodies in a dense, cold air

Shadows form a mask, a partial disguise

Deeply he stares, he waits for my reply

An everlasting wait

For I have already said my goodbye.