Storm Cloud

A distinct disconnect between the lightening and the cloud

Thunder echoes through the dark hills

Static stings in the air

A night so hot and humid

Stars hide behind a gray blanket

Pretending they don’t exist

The only thing that seems real to me

Is the fantasy of love’s kiss


Confetti Dreams

I don’t remember the words, I only remember the way they made me feel…

Dreams shattered and tossed in the air

Like confetti they fall, spinning faster to the ground

Into the pit of my once swollen heart

A heart so deflated it barely beats

Where once a drum circle is now an empty field

Shattered dreams lay by my feet


Hunt for Heart


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who’s the fairest of them all?

Ruby red apple, such a tempting sight

Come here little lady and take a bite

Just one eency, weency, tiny taste

You don’t want this to go to waste

Times a’tickin’, stop with the hesitate

We need to change the course of fate

Her pure heart is made of gold

Something my iced hand must hold

My youth is fading

Her youth she will be trading

Come Mister Huntsman, don’t let her run

The game of life has now begun


The Dark Shade of Grey


The sky a shade of grey

The moon deflected through the haze

Remanents of last night’s passions on the floor

Glass shattered near the door

Pictures torn from the wall

Tear stained dress dirty from her crawl

Traces of pain linger on her arm

His claims of ill-intended harm

Cruelty drips from the sink

Dirty dishes soaked in the devil’s drink

One last comfort for her sorrow

This deep, dark breath is hers to borrow

Cigarette of regret pressed to her lips

Shard glass cutting into her skin

Sometimes the bad guy gets his win


Haunted Forest


Deep in the dark forest grows a time-worn tree; a tree haunted by its sapling memories.

Submerged in the shadows and the life which surrounds, yet drowning in the rain drops swamped on the ground.

Steeped in wisdom, it shields secrets of the forest in the rings of its center.

Exhibiting love and how to survive; this tree is a mentor.

Watching over the creatures big and small, this tree judges no one; no one at all.

Serving bears and lions as a scratching post, never complaining of the hurt that trails.

Each blemish is the mark of harmony that it has made, luminescent of that memory.

Skyward it stretches, scantily getting by; kissing the clouds from time to time.

Dancing in the winds of the storm, while providing shelter to the forlorn.

Deep in the dark forest is a place where this tree used to be; now this spot lies bare, haunted by its memory.

People with chain saws wanted sunlight, so they cut down this tree with all of their might.


Til death do us part

Twisted in her web of lies

Struggling to break free; she cries

Her venomous words so sharp and malice

Her voice always strong and callous

Holding her head high

She takes one last deep sigh

This knife in her back stabs her heart

This is her fault, “til death do us part”

All of this time he believed her

All of this time she has been a deceiver

In perfume she is doused

Her trembling hand strikes a match to their house

She sits on the bed to wait

She accepts her deadly fate

He has run to the store

She will hurt him just once more



Dark shadow creeps

He said everything will be okay

She didn’t want to, but she said yes anyway

The pressure in her chest got stronger

She couldn’t hold out any longer

Shadows prowling on the wall

She felt no power, he held it all

His hand grabbed her by the hair

She cried in pain, he didn’t care

A man of pure persuasion

A girl toying with flirtation

He walks away without a word

So many emotions he had stirred

She calls out his name

He told her he felt the same

The truth hits with a powerful blow

She sits and cries wishing she had just said no