My Love

I got a little lost, for that I apologize

I found my way back and am more wise

Never did I think our love would falter

Here we are now running to the alter

I wish we didn’t lose our time but the truth is we did

For you, I’ll make this promise, kid

I’ll love you forever and this will never change

Hand and hand we will conquer anything in our way

Never will I stop fighting for you

Because never did you stop fighting for me




New Year

I am thrilled to welcome 2017! I have such high hopes and to be perfectly honest, it’s already 110% better than 2016! I haven’t felt this happy and free in ages. I’m trimming the negative and embracing the positive; this includes people.

Not to knock 2016, it definitely had its highs, but unfortunately I feel that the lows were quite low. I’m back and I’m ready for battle!

I love the way time works everything out 🙂