The Mirror Has Two Faces

Do you ever feel like you’ve lost that battle?

They tell you to keep fighting on,

Never give up,

But for what?

I feel defeat sinking over me like a heavy weight.

I feel the breath in my chest struggle as I hesitate.

Hold on or let go?

I’m so certain that I don’t know.

I’m confused by him and his double meanings

Does he love me? Or am I just over thinking?

It’d be so powerful for him to finally say

That he apologizes for all the pain he’s delivered our way

But I don’t think he knows nor will he ever;

That when family says we love you, we mean forever.

I feel this grief in my heart, 

What I thought I had lost I finally found; only to realize we’re still far apart.

I kicked and I screamed then I sat down and cried

Because every time I see him I feel like he died.

He’s gone, this kid with so much promise.

His eyes are vacant his words not honest.

I hurt knowing that I must have let him down

Let him take his pills and in his alcohol he’ll drown.


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