Written in a Note


An expression in the written language she can speak her mind

She writes until her hand goes numb and her feelings are defined

The content of her words too hard to say aloud

She quickly hides her letter behind her dark gray cloud

He shuffles through her drawers not knowing what he’s found

A folded piece of paper that has fallen to the ground

Opening it slowly, he thinks this is for him

His eyes become teary when he reads the words within

“Nothing compares to you, nothing else will ever do”

Hidden deep inside him, the truth comes spilling out

She still loves another, this he has no doubt

She poured her heart out to her best friends,

The pen and paper share no judgment; her words they commend

All she needs is to express herself

And pull it from her heart’s shelf

But he doesn’t understand a writer’s need

He mistakes her words as selfish greed


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