This Little Doggy


This little doggy went to the market

And while he was there

He passed the needy with his nose held high up in the air

This little doggy stayed home

Hiding out of fear

For if they knew that she was home, they might come near

This little doggy had roast beef

And he ate to his heart’s content

With his belly full he wastes his food never making a dent

And this little doggy, well, he had none

He still prayed for everyone

He curled up in his little box walled by metal bars

Closed his eyes then thanked his lucky stars

He made a wish for peace on earth

He understood what life was worth

 Curled up he dreamt of a family as he soundly slept

And this little doggy wept, wept, wept

For the doggies who have never known

A home to call their own 


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