The Girl Who Cried Wolf


An everlasting tarnish to his name

Innocence fading with every claim

She plays such a wicked game

A mother’s tearful plea for her to stop

Burdened hearts break with each lie she drops

Her words against his the power is clear

Her cry of wolf is all they hear

A venomous snake deeply concealed

Hissing and searching for her next meal


This Little Doggy


This little doggy went to the market

And while he was there

He passed the needy with his nose held high up in the air

This little doggy stayed home

Hiding out of fear

For if they knew that she was home, they might come near

This little doggy had roast beef

And he ate to his heart’s content

With his belly full he wastes his food never making a dent

And this little doggy, well, he had none

He still prayed for everyone

He curled up in his little box walled by metal bars

Closed his eyes then thanked his lucky stars

He made a wish for peace on earth

He understood what life was worth

 Curled up he dreamt of a family as he soundly slept

And this little doggy wept, wept, wept

For the doggies who have never known

A home to call their own 


The Dark Shade of Grey


The sky a shade of grey

The moon deflected through the haze

Remanents of last night’s passions on the floor

Glass shattered near the door

Pictures torn from the wall

Tear stained dress dirty from her crawl

Traces of pain linger on her arm

His claims of ill-intended harm

Cruelty drips from the sink

Dirty dishes soaked in the devil’s drink

One last comfort for her sorrow

This deep, dark breath is hers to borrow

Cigarette of regret pressed to her lips

Shard glass cutting into her skin

Sometimes the bad guy gets his win


Chasing the White Rabbit


Down the rabbit hole she falls

Twirling down the windy halls

With a thud she hits the ground

She can’t help to think as she looks around

“This must be what Alice sees”

A taunting grin floating in the trees

Cryptic riddles drift through the breeze

Clumsy curiosity draws her in closer

She leans in for the eerie purr

“Fear the queen, she’ll have your head

Never be caught with your hands red

Paint those roses to cover your mistakes

But you surely will not disguise the fake”

Tempting tea at the party

The Mad Hatter eagerly awaits as she takes a sip

Better judgement gone in a zip

Run, run, the queen is on her way!

Run, run, do not stay!

There he is, that quick white rabbit

Never understanding why she chased this habit