Twinkling Star In The Sky

IMG_0123Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Granting wishes from afar

Enchanting lost souls with your shimmer

Flushed with hope of love’s last glimmer

Glowing bright through the night

Out shining even the moonlight

Twinkle, twinkle, little star

Granting wishes from afar



Dream a little wish

10446034_814277158584649_8635407556959157512_oRunaway with me to Neverland

With a little pixie dust and some happy thoughts, we can fly together

To a magical place where we can stay young forever

We will tease Captain Hook with the ticking of clocks

Giggle because it’s no longer us that it mocks

Sail in a ship through the starry night sky

Watch as the clouds float idly by

Run through the forest with the Lost Boys

Playing all day, never being told we make too much noise

Oh, runaway with me to Neverland

All you have to do is take my hand


Fading Allure


Body numb, feeling nothing but the warm tear dragging slowly down her face

Steady, light breaths fill her lungs with ample air

Knowing nothing in life comes easy, and that which does surrenders just as easily as its arrival

She lies on her back and wonders when it became this complicated

When happiness no longer meant a spritz of her favorite perfume, the subtlety of his hand brushing hers, and his smile, which she knew was only for her

She needs to find her way back into her feelings of yesterday

She needs to be reminded of the attraction she felt in the beginning

Hidden within her, if she could only find it


Secrets of a Darkened Heart

IMG_5989 - Version 2

Deep within this girl is  a passion contained

Tightly wound, enough to drive anyone insane

She fights her urges, but can’t seem to win

Her thoughts, wants, and needs are a sin

Struggling to hide the uncouth

His eyes pierce through her soul like a sleuth

He now knows what she fought to conceal

His wounded heart may never heal


A puzzle with a missing piece



 And it kills me to see him and all of his simplicity standing before me

Tenacious to the slightest chance of hope, nails digging deep

Sinking slowly into unremitting pain

Feeling nothing, inordinately insane

As tears stream down his face

Here I sit, numbly with no feelings to trace

Darkness creeps around us

Submerging our bodies in a dense, cold air

Shadows form a mask, a partial disguise

Deeply he stares, he waits for my reply

An everlasting wait

For I have already said my goodbye.