Haunted Forest


Deep in the dark forest grows a time-worn tree; a tree haunted by its sapling memories.

Submerged in the shadows and the life which surrounds, yet drowning in the rain drops swamped on the ground.

Steeped in wisdom, it shields secrets of the forest in the rings of its center.

Exhibiting love and how to survive; this tree is a mentor.

Watching over the creatures big and small, this tree judges no one; no one at all.

Serving bears and lions as a scratching post, never complaining of the hurt that trails.

Each blemish is the mark of harmony that it has made, luminescent of that memory.

Skyward it stretches, scantily getting by; kissing the clouds from time to time.

Dancing in the winds of the storm, while providing shelter to the forlorn.

Deep in the dark forest is a place where this tree used to be; now this spot lies bare, haunted by its memory.

People with chain saws wanted sunlight, so they cut down this tree with all of their might.


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