Mob Mentality

Watch the video I linked:

This is coming straight from my heart to my fingertips without hesitation.

I am deeply saddened by the riots that have happened in Huntington Beach, CA during the US Open.

The Open is a surfing competition, surfers are calmer by nature. The riots only back-up what I have said this whole time. The US Open has lost itself as it has grown in popularity. The sponsorships, the free concerts, and the airplanes pulling banners advertising: Vodka, Rum, Tequila, etc.

Imbeciles that drink only become drunk imbeciles.

One guy is getting away with a bike, follower tries to grab one for himself.

One guy is getting away with a bike, follower tries to grab one for himself.

They kicked over port-a-potties, they smashed a stop sign into a store front, one man stole a bike from the display and rode off into the crowd. Another man tried to follow his lead. Wait, I apologize, did I just use the term “man” for these guys? That’s hardly a move a real man would make. But what I did notice, what actually restored some faith in me, were the men who threw themselves between the store and the violent mob and said “Leave the store alone!” (One was sucker-punched from an observer).

Mob mentality is a dangerous thing. Boy, is it.

These lamebrain fools messed with the town I grew up in.

Don’t be a simpleton.

I really do hope the police catch these guys.

Surfing is the heart of Huntington Beach, I can’t wrap my head around the crowd that would riot at a surfing competition.

When I think of surfing I think of Jack Johnson, The Beach Boys, sand, relaxation, water, people with an overall calm demeanor.

Something needs to change, now.

I can’t even imagine how it felt being a police officer in that moment.


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