If you want peace, prepare for war

Here’s the scoop: We come home from a long day at work, flip on the news, and lo and behold, there was some kind of shooting. A gunman shot up a school, a police officer shot a dog, or a kid shot his friend. 

Let’s try a new approach!

The media takes this news and eats it up! The more emotion they can stir up in us, the better their ratings, the more power they have politically, and the more likely we are to watch the follow-up stories.

We need to stop focusing on all of the bad in this world and start putting our attention towards the good.

Personally, when I hear happy news I tend to be happier. When I am happier, I treat people better. When people are treated better, they tend to be happier. When people are happier, they tend to treat other people better. 

If we could change our perspectives to be more on the positive side, we might have a fighting chance for a better world. Yes, a fighting chance. Because ironically, we have to battle violence for peace.

What a world.


2 thoughts on “If you want peace, prepare for war

    • It’s true! If a person wants peace he/she must be willing to fight for it, as ironic as it sounds.

      Simply picketing against war and throwing out the peace symbol won’t accomplish enough.

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