Mob Mentality

Watch the video I linked:

This is coming straight from my heart to my fingertips without hesitation.

I am deeply saddened by the riots that have happened in Huntington Beach, CA during the US Open.

The Open is a surfing competition, surfers are calmer by nature. The riots only back-up what I have said this whole time. The US Open has lost itself as it has grown in popularity. The sponsorships, the free concerts, and the airplanes pulling banners advertising: Vodka, Rum, Tequila, etc.

Imbeciles that drink only become drunk imbeciles.

One guy is getting away with a bike, follower tries to grab one for himself.

One guy is getting away with a bike, follower tries to grab one for himself.

They kicked over port-a-potties, they smashed a stop sign into a store front, one man stole a bike from the display and rode off into the crowd. Another man tried to follow his lead. Wait, I apologize, did I just use the term “man” for these guys? That’s hardly a move a real man would make. But what I did notice, what actually restored some faith in me, were the men who threw themselves between the store and the violent mob and said “Leave the store alone!” (One was sucker-punched from an observer).

Mob mentality is a dangerous thing. Boy, is it.

These lamebrain fools messed with the town I grew up in.

Don’t be a simpleton.

I really do hope the police catch these guys.

Surfing is the heart of Huntington Beach, I can’t wrap my head around the crowd that would riot at a surfing competition.

When I think of surfing I think of Jack Johnson, The Beach Boys, sand, relaxation, water, people with an overall calm demeanor.

Something needs to change, now.

I can’t even imagine how it felt being a police officer in that moment.


I remember

There will always be part of me that holds on to the past

Always perplexed by how time flies so fast

The moments that have stopped me on a dime

The moments that have blown my mind

Love is real no matter what cynics say

Hate  exists, sadly, to this day

There was a point when I thought it was best to let go

Then I found the memory I needed so

I keep this with me everywhere I might be

I think of you, I think of me

I remember the jokes

The laughs, your smokes

I remember that time we ran and you fell

I remember I swore I’d never tell

I don’t know where I’d be without your memory

In my heart you will always be


I’ve been a bit off topic lately by sharing some of my poetry, but I never said I’d be consistent.


This is my journey, this is my life, this is my choice.


I have chosen to write freely, it makes me happy.


I love to share my stories, I write children’s stories, someday I hope to publish them.


I’ll figure it out, someday.


Til death do us part

Twisted in her web of lies

Struggling to break free; she cries

Her venomous words so sharp and malice

Her voice always strong and callous

Holding her head high

She takes one last deep sigh

This knife in her back stabs her heart

This is her fault, “til death do us part”

All of this time he believed her

All of this time she has been a deceiver

In perfume she is doused

Her trembling hand strikes a match to their house

She sits on the bed to wait

She accepts her deadly fate

He has run to the store

She will hurt him just once more



A rose in her hand

Sitting on a park bench in her favorite blue dress

Birds chirp songs of happiness

The sun is shining on this crystal clear day

Children laugh as they skip and play

Neighbors are out walking

Smiling and talking

Avoiding her eyes as though they’ll catch it, too

She sits hopelessly waiting, what else is there to do?

No one stops to ask nor will she say

But everything is dark on this sun-shiny day

She stands and straightens her dress with a tear

Knowing God needs her angel more than she needed him here

She walks over to the spot where they wed

The place where he said, “I’ll never leave you” then kissed her head

She knows she needs to be brave

She takes a deep breath and places the rose on his grave


Dark shadow creeps

He said everything will be okay

She didn’t want to, but she said yes anyway

The pressure in her chest got stronger

She couldn’t hold out any longer

Shadows prowling on the wall

She felt no power, he held it all

His hand grabbed her by the hair

She cried in pain, he didn’t care

A man of pure persuasion

A girl toying with flirtation

He walks away without a word

So many emotions he had stirred

She calls out his name

He told her he felt the same

The truth hits with a powerful blow

She sits and cries wishing she had just said no