Your destiny is on your shoulders

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” ―Theodore Roosevelt


We need to break free from the walls of blame we have built around us. We are each responsible for our own actions, our own “destiny,” and our own future. Fate, destiny, karma, whatever word we choose to describe it, is in our own hands. Life accomplishments do not just happen, they are made to happen.

Society has created a place where we can hide and blame others for our mistakes. Teachers blame the parents, parents blame the media, the media blames Republicans, and the mailman blames the dog.

The “Blame Game” is an easy game to play when there are so many players.

I hear excuses daily, excuses that take all the blame and dump it on someone else’s lap.

Sitting on the couch, blaming others for our own problems will not solve anything. When we want to succeed, we need to take blame out of our thoughts. It is no one’s fault but our own if we fail.

Silly lawsuits are perfect examples of this:

“I’m fat because McDonalds serves me fatty-fried foods. I’m suing”

“While prowling on your shotty roof I broke my leg. I’m suing.”

“I sat on a hot bench at a football game. I’m suing.”

These sound ridiculous, I know. But guess what? They’re real. In a sue-happy society, I can see why the “blame game” is easy to play. Some of these cases actually win. Common sense tells us otherwise, but the courts prove us wrong. With a strong enough argument, sure we can blame someone else and make others believe it.

What is it worth to you? Pinning our troubles on others sure does make it easier to sleep at night, am I right? However, is it really helping our future? Are we going to progress if we keep pushing our troubles on others and not own up to them?

Change your perspective, change your future.

In the end, you are in charge of your choices and actions. If you’re not happy with something, you have only yourself to blame.


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