My dog, Bow


At the shelter he caught my eye

A few entries ago, I spoke of my grim praxis of walking through animal shelters to visit the animals. In doing so, I find motivation to help these poor little lives. People tend to take it upon themselves to judge whether a life is worth keeping or if it should be terminated. People play God everyday.


  • Have you ever killed a giant spider in your house instead of releasing it into the bushes outside?
  • Have you ever set a mouse trap to catch that pesky rodent that has moved in?
  • Have you ever gone hunting for sport?
  • Do you support abortion?

**Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging anyone’s character if you have or have not.  These are just examples to my point. We all play God.

Anywho, back to my story.


While out in the “dog eat dog” world, I stumbled across a black beauty of a puppy. I was drawn to him. I couldn’t walk away; when others walked up to his cage, I claimed him as my own. Ultimately, they would walk away. I felt some guilt, I really had no intention of adopting that day, especially a puppy. But I couldn’t fight the magnetic energy pulling me in. I gave in, I asked if I could play with him; he was awesome! Before I had officially adopted him, I named him at the shelter; Bowie.


Bowie has brought so much color into our lives, his antics never cease to amuse us. With his cleverness and curiosity, he has learned to open the sliding screen door and invite himself inside the house. About a week after we brought him home, we found him in the kitchen sink. He somehow knew to jump on the couch, to the table, to the counter, and then his prize was licking our dirty dishes. From that day forward, we never trusted him alone again. With good reasoning too, I’ve never had a more destructive dog in my life.


When we have people over we need to keep Bowie outside, he is a 64 pound dog that has the manners of a 5 pound dog. He jumps on everyone, he does not discriminate. We’re still battling this terrible habit. We keep the outside light on to keep an eye on him, he throws tantrums because he wants so badly to come in and say hi to everyone. He drags the outside furniture around the backyard, right now he’s working on a hole he’s chewing through the center of the bench. Our laughter only seems to encourage him, we admit to the fact that we raised a brat. A good-hearted, over-the-moon, spoiled brat.


He’s not allowed on the couch, and he knows it.

At the park and the beach we love letting him off the leash. He is gallant like a horse and gallops from dog to dog trying to find a playmate. He has a swing in his hips and a skip in his walk that is a just a crack-up. He grazes on grass like a goat, chews wood like a beaver, once he gnawed down a tree into a little stump, and like a monkey he will climb on a small outside wall to peak over a taller wall to spy on the neighbors.


What dog sits like this?

It has been over a year since Bowie entered my life. Each day has brought a new amusement and given me just one more reason to love him. I figure, if he can bring me this much joy, maybe he can bring my readers some joy as well.


He’s like a child, he loves the park!

Did I mention that he smiles? Did I mention that he “talks” to us by a drawn out howling sound? Did I mention that he loves catching June Bugs in the field? I bet there’s a lot I forgot to mention, stay tuned.





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