If only love wasn’t a hidden treasure

A life lesson taught to me by a four-year old.


“When I grow up, I want to be love. I want everyone to feel love.”


The world needs more love.

This little girl never hesitates to love, not even to a stranger; she never thinks twice, she just leaps on in with wide open arms.

It never matters if your clothes are in style; she dresses herself, her wacky, mismatched outfits rarely make sense, anyways.

It never matters if your hair is perfectly in place or has fallen flat; she has wild hair that seems as though it has never met a comb.

Your shoes will make no difference to her; she’d rather everyone be barefoot, anyways.

She believes that all girls, no matter of their age, are beautiful princesses and that all boys are handsome princes.

Even when it is “unpopular” to befriend a certain classmate, she offers her hand in friendship.

When she speaks, she speaks with ease and expression. She can carry a conversation on forever.

She wants nothing more than to help our planet and spread love to every heart in the world.

Her mom said to me, “I don’t know where she gets it.”

My guess is she gets it from the innocence of youth. I wish we could all be more innocent.


2 thoughts on “If only love wasn’t a hidden treasure

    • It is sad, really. I know it is far-fetched to wish for innocence back, through our lives we encounter so many different wrongs, that it’s hard to make everything right.

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