A friend in the past, stranger in the present

IMG_9959The other day I ran into an old friend of mine. We used to know each other so well; we shared so many good times, so many bad times, and so many “what do you want to do today?” times.

In my head, I picture a conversation with an old friend to go like this:

“How are you? Are you still working for that jerk boss or did you tell him where to shove it?”

“Actually, he was fired and I took his place. How is your dog, Rover? Last time we saw each other he was just six weeks old.”

Pretty much, we spend the entire conversation catching up on where we left off.

The reality of this conversation went a little more like this:

“Funny running into you here.”

“Ha, yep.”

“Where you working now?”

“Same place I’ve worked for five years now.”

“Oh, cool! Where you living?”

“…Not far from here…”

“Streets have names.”

…Awkward silence…

“They sure do. Take care!”

Why is the reality different from the conversation I would imagine to have? Why is it hard to re-kindle a lost friendship?

It’s bizarre to me, knowing someone to their deepest core and then suddenly, bam! You don’t. A person I once knew, embodied in a stranger.


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