Take the coward’s way out

“He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.”  -Dr Seuss

Is it acceptable to put on a mask to hide our identities, run around town and harass random strangers? What if we know them, does that make it better? No? But it’s empowering, putting others down and lessening their self-worth, it’s an even better way to get our point across! By belittling others we feel bigger. Shame on everyone. 

Shame on everyone that hides behind their computer screen and harasses complete strangers. Shame on the people who use their computers as a weapon against others, and shame on any adult, child, or adolescent that bullies other people.

I cannot fathom speaking to anyone the way some people do.  Some of the comments I read on Facebook, social media blogs, and other public sites are flat-out sickening.

The computer screen is not a weapon, it is a shield. A shield for cowards to hide behind and pass judgements; a shield to say harsh words that should never be uttered to another human-being; a shield of denial that the object behind the receiving screen is a real person with real feelings.

Shame on anyone that uses their computer as a mask, weapon, or shield. We need to use our computers to expand our knowledge and human-decency. Not destroy it.

The internet is full of trolls that seem to have wandered away from their bridges.


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