A magician is nothing without his tricks

“Say the magic word!” 

We have all heard this repeatedly throughout our childhood. “Say the magic word, please.” We teach children politeness, to use their manners, and to say please to get what they want.

As we age we learn that there really are magic words. Words we can say to get exactly what we want, words that are beyond the word please. Three little words hold tremendous power over the human mind. “I love you.” These three  tiny words, when put together, change our way of thinking. They elate us, they tease us, and at times they hurt us.IMG_0427

Why some of us choose to use these words to our advantage is beyond me; the only good that comes from manipulation is selfish. Meaning, no good really comes from it. I’m using we in a very general sense.

We need to stay alert to these people. Some are obvious, and some we may view with a blind-eye. It’s not until after we have fallen for the line that the blind-fold begins slipping away. Slowly, we start to see the truth, by then, we have been hurt. Hurt by three, tiny, little words.

It is then when we need magic words, words to make us feel better; words to make our friends feel better; family; the world. When needed most, we realize there is no such thing as magical words.


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