Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Until we are at peace with who we are, we will not know peace.

Until we are at peace with who we are, we will not know peace.

One of my guilty pleasures is social media. However, I am not the biggest supporter of Instagram, no deception here, I do get some joy out of Facebook.  Perhaps it is the status updates, or the links people post, sometimes I click-through pictures, but for the most part it is the easiest and most efficient way to keep in touch with friends without having to remember to call them. Sounds lazy, I know. I have never been much of a phone talker, in fact I start to feel restricted and a bit distracted if I am on the phone for longer than 10 minutes.

Facebook status’ are at times amusing, informative, and sadly, too much information. The content we post and share with our friends and family does not only show ourselves, but a way that we are choosing to be perceived. We are in control of our self-image. It perplexes me when I see the way many people are wasting their time, in my opinion. But, to each his own. 

Scrolling down the comments list of a popular photo that has been “shared” many times is always so disappointing. We never seem to agree. Just today I saw a sweet picture of a lovely boy holding a fox, a fox he had rescued from the torment of men that had taped its mouth shut and kicked it repeatedly. Most of the comments were supportive of the boy and encouraging to read, but then one in particular caught my eye. An older woman had commented on the picture stating, “God will be very pleased with you!” Her intention was to show her happiness that the boy had done something not short of amazing, yet people went into an uproar over her comment.

People replied by saying:

“REAL people will be pleased as well.”

“This has nothing to do with God, just a good-hearted kid.”

“God abandoned this fox when those evildoers began hurting him. God has no more regard for the treatment of animals as the man on the moon does.”

“Don’t ruin it with god crap.”

“No one cares about god.”

Wow, just wow. What has this woman done to deserve such scrutiny? She is being encouraging and proud of the boy, she expressed herself in her own way. People have jumped on her for her religious beliefs, but why?

Do they feel satisfied that they belittled her and shamed her?

Do they feel like her comment will be contagious and they’ll start believing in God?

Who are they to say if there is a god or is not a god? Who is anyone to step on another person’s beliefs?

She was not preaching her religious beliefs, she in no way has stepped on anyone’s toes or tried to hurt anyone, and yet this enraged people at the mention of “God.”

Do I believe in God? Am I religious? Will my answers to those questions change the way you feel about me? Does believing in God or not believing in God change our character? Do we need to know someone’s religious preference because we need to judge them? How about sexual orientation? If someone comes out saying that they are homosexual are we going to shun them? Are we going to support them? Will this information change the person’s character?

Who is anyone to put down another person? Whether it is religion, sexual orientation, color of skin, or social class, we have no right to trample anyone else’s rights.

Sometimes people let us down, but as a school of fish we need to keep an eye out for the fisherman’s hook. Those guys just want to reel us in and eat us. We need to help be each other’s eyes, because some of us are still blind.


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