Take a stroll down Memory Lane

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” Ronald Reagan

Oh, memories

Unrequited love or unrequited wrong? A confounding struggle in our minds. Do we allow the past to trespass on our present lives, even for a moment? Are we wrong to look back and remember? To feel the pain again, to feel the happiness again, to feel the confusion, frustration, that moment that changed it all? We are not immoral, we are human; sometimes we get a bit shuffled.  “Forget the past,”  this advice is a bit too askew for my liking. Our past is the driving force that has helped create us, we are who we are today because of yesterday. Do not be ashamed to fraternize with a memory here and there, it is only natural.

A raw emotional moment becomes immortalized in our minds and scars our hearts. These moments are when we lose loved ones, go through a break-up, and endure the stress of traumatic circumstances. In time, all wounds will heal. Each person is different, we cannot give an exact amount of time. Healing is a road that we must travel alone, though we may have others by our sides to help, this is a very personal journey that will be endured on our own time.

Learning and growing from the past is an essential point in life, dwelling on the past is an entirely different direction. We look back on our fond memories and smile, laugh, sometimes even cry. The succeeding blissful feeling is light on our hearts and easy on our minds, thus we are more content in an overall sense. However, when we drown our happiness in the dark memories, we will cry, isolate ourselves from the world, and we may feel lonely. These agonizing memories will depress us and take control if we allow ourselves to become weak, even for only a brief lapse of time. The haunted feeling that accompanies these memories is not subtle, it is intense. If this is a memory of something that is completely out of our control, never relive it. This is the past we need to let go of; why hold on?

As long as we allow ourselves to grow from our past mistakes, accept defeat and failure and move on, stop wallowing in self-pity; it is perfectly healthy to remember the past. Our happy past, because not everything in the past will be forgotten. We need those memories to help us through our rough patches in life, and even when we just feel like taking a stroll down Memory Lane.

I will see you there. 


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