Get your head out of the clouds!

“A rainbow is a unicorn’s trail!” I ostend to my preschoolers. Their faces glow with enthusiasm and it is keen that they are entranced by every last word. Excitedly, they begin to shout over each other, “I’ve seen a unicorn!” “I’ve seen a rainbow!”  Ah, the beauty of imagination. When we are young we embrace our imagination and we live in different worlds. We have imaginary friends, we have an uncanny sense of story-telling, and we can make a cardboard box into a rocket ship. Then, that dreaded time comes when we become adults. We lose our sense of imagination and imaginary friends are for the crazies, story-telling is now called lying, and a cardboard box is just something we use when we need to move. I am fortunate to work with children, I get to embrace my imagination everyday and encourage theirs. There is nothing more important to me than education, love, and imagination. All three make the world a more beautiful place.


A unicorn’s trail!

A little change in pace.

Imagine this: You’re outside on a warm spring day, the green grass is vibrant and soft, birds are chirping a tender melody, the sweet scent of jasmine blossoms intoxicate the air, and  you lie on your back to watch as the marshmallow clouds drift gently above you.

This simple life pleasure is second-nature to me, I don’t even notice that I’m doing it. I get giddy when I spot a cloud that resembles something from life, so giddy that I take a picture and show it to everyone I know. So, if just for a moment, we can all take time to appreciate the natural beauties that surround us.

A whale!

A whale!

Finally, my favorite cloud-shape spotting:

A t-rex!

A t-rex!


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