Our Sixth Sense


If only this dog listened to his instincts.

Intuition is almost always taken for granted. We try to ignore it, push our feelings aside, and sometimes we deny that we really feel this way. People are instinctual beings, why are we doing this? Our inclinations are to help us survive, we have an inherent sense to protect ourselves.

Perhaps our primitive senses are evaded because:

  • It is wrong to “judge a book by its cover”
  • It is rude to “just walk away”
  • There is no solid explanation for why we feel this way, we can’t prove anything on a “gut-feeling”

Lets start with “judging a book by its cover.” As a psychology major one of the first lessons I learned was that it only takes 5 seconds to form a first impressionThat’s all we get before we form someone’s opinion of us. As a society we try to ignore the 5 second rule and get past our first impressions, mainly because we have been taught that it is wrong. Within 10 minutes we know what kind of future, (or lack thereof), relationship we want with someone. In many cases, second impressions prove that our first impressions were quite accurate. Which means, we had to learn the hard way; ultimately leaving us feeling foolish.

Is it rude to walk away from someone? If this is a pushy salesperson, would we stay and allow them to waste both of our time? His/hers and mine? I sure wouldn’t! Why is this any different if we walk away from, oh say, a stranger on the street? I have encountered people on the street, they talk to me, I am polite and respond, (tuning out the first impression), and then it backfires on me. These [people] started yelling at me, saying perverted things, and one time, invited me over to model for them at their in-home studio. Yes, I have encountered all of these scenarios. This could have been avoided if I hadn’t brushed off my first instinct to dash, yet I ignored it to be polite; which led me to feeling uneasy and unsafe. In the end, I turned away from these people and had to “fight” back to protect myself. Though, none of these situations became physical, they very well may have if I didn’t just walk away.

A gut-feeling is as real as you and me. By tuning into our senses we can help ourselves stay out of heaps of trouble and keep away from danger. Even though we have a difficult time explaining why we feel a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s invalid and wrong. There were moments when my gut-feelings hit me at random. One time in particular, my stomach felt like it was hit with a sledge hammer. Something I had previously overlooked dawned on me. I had no evidence, no real reason to believe what had just hit me, but I knew. I somehow knew that this was true. I confronted the issue and though it was denied and claimed false, I still just couldn’t let it go. Something kept telling me to press it further. Eventually, the truth came out. Alas! I was right. Though, I was neither happy nor relieved to know that what I had felt had been true. The truth hurt pretty badly, to say the least, but that’s a whole other story.

Throughout the course of my self-intervention, I have learned that my intuition is spot-on. I’ll never doubt it again. 


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