If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

As a child I would spend most of my nights searching the sky, always in hopes of catching a glimpse of a shooting star so that I may make a wish. My wishes were always the same and never seemed to come true, no matter how many birthday candles I blew out, no matter how many dandelions I whispered into just to stand in awe as the seeds whirl away in the wind, and not even that one time I found a four-leaf clover; on St. Patrick’s Day, none-the-less.

From all of my nights sitting up staring out of the window, I now find curious comfort in wind. Whenever my life starts to get a bit topsy-turvy, I can look out at the outline of a black tree acquiescently dancing against an almost darker sky. Hearing the leaves whisper their secrets into the twinkling twilight soothes me to a state of tranquility. A brilliant glow from the moon illuminates my life path. I spend many nights staring up at the moon, my confidant in the sky. IMG_1984

Why am I telling you this? We all have our comforts, if you get a little lost on your journey you may share mine.  

My childhood wish has finally come true. All of this time I kept hoping that someday, well, someday luck will be on my side. Love will stand strong with me, and that I can give as much love as others have shown me. As luck would have it, it wasn’t luck at all. No  amount of shooting stars, dandelions, or four-leaf clovers would ever change the abundance of love I wished to share. Life has a way of showing us that all we’ve ever wanted has always been within us.


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