What difference does it make?

ImageHigh school, we have all been there. In my experience, it is somewhat in reality like the movies. There are the jocks, the “in crowd,” the stoners, and the nerds. Where did my friends and I fall into this mix? Well, there’s a crowd that’s never highlighted in the movies. The people that aren’t quite the “cool” kids and not quite the nerds, either. We go to school, take our tests, and go home. I would say we were the good kids, we didn’t party, we didn’t cheat, heck, we barely even dated. I for one, was not allowed to date. Not like it would matter, anyhow. The guys I liked were the “cool” kids and they always dated the popular girls.

All I wanted throughout middle school and high-school was to be popular. I would observe all of the “cool” kids hanging out and gathering around the one person that appeared to be the leader. The driving force of them all! Who was it? Was it a guy that all of the girls were in love with? Was it a girl that all of the guys were in love with and all of the other girls were secretly wishing they could be? I don’t know, I was never that close to find out.

Were they mean to me like they are portrayed to be in the movies? Not really, no. On the contrary, they didn’t even notice me. I was quiet and had no idea how to talk to them. If they acknowledged me I’d feel pretty cool; looking back now I see how dorky I actually was. Is there anything wrong with that? Not being the popular girl, jock, or nerdy kid? No! Though at the time, I felt like there was something wrong with it; I felt like it would change my world if this one guy just knew my name. Why would he, though? It’s not like I’d ever talk to him, and if I did I wouldn’t say or do anything that the other girls would. Like I said, I was a good kid.

Does being good get you anywhere in high school? Maybe we’re not climbing the social ladder, but it does help in college.

I sometimes ponder what a conversation would be like with my past self and my present self. I know that present me would be more straight-forward:

Present self: “Hey, most of those girls will get pregnant in college and most of those guys will get beer-bellies and go bald. Trust me, you’re better off and much happier once you stop caring about all of this trivial high school crap.”

Past self: “You have no idea what is going on.”

Present self: “Actually, you have no idea.”

There needs to be more books and movies about life after high-school. We need to show the youth that there’s more to life than popularity and parties. If we do, maybe we can change the course of everyone’s existence. We can stop bullying and put an end to teenage suicide, and maybe, just maybe, we will prevent drunk drivers from hitting the road, thus resulting in less deadly accidents.

I don’t know, I’m just a girl that wants her voice to be heard now that I have no fear of speaking up.

Together, we can change the future.


2 thoughts on “What difference does it make?

    • It’s when we teach the children to care for one another no matter what label is on their clothes, color their hair is, weight, and many other superficial attributes that we can start changing the world.

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