I felt like a penny waiting for change…

post2I have this non-existent sense of calm; nothing is out of whack and everything is as it seems. What a wonderful world this would be, wouldn’t it? We wake up, see the sun, then rise out of bed feeling as refreshed as a baby with a diaper-change. But the world is not like this, life is not like this.

Each day encompasses its own battle, though my personal struggles are minuscule in comparison to the world’s, they still seem to mean the world to me. Yes, I understand how self-centered this makes me sound. I can’t argue with that, but if life doesn’t revolve around me, what does it revolve around? Does that mean I don’t make much of a difference? Apparently so. I beg to differ. I may not be as noble as a military man/woman putting their life on the line for others, or even a doctor that puts his/her life on hold for the greater good. In fact, I barely do things for the greater good. I can cross utilitarian off of my resume of life.

Maybe I am a run-of-the-mill-average-joe that needs a cup of coffee to start my day and needs to write to end it. So what? Should I feel ashamed? No, I contribute to our future in other ways. I teach. I teach the young-minds in the world to share, be considerate of others, and to expose their imaginations to the wonders of curiosity. I instill the values of dreamers and thinkers.

Am I wrong to think this is enough of a contribution to our future? I don’t believe so. Will I stop here and call it a day? No way, Jose.

Let’s change the world one-step-at-a-time; the only way we know how.


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