Naked as a jaybird

I am one of those people who can be hard to read; maybe I smile at a joke, yet on the inside I’m disgusted, maybe I get too caught up in my own thoughts to show my true excitement, or maybe I am easy to read and I just fool myself into thinking I am not. Being this way has put a strain on a few of my relationships, I want to avoid the same mishaps. This needs to change. Change can be subtle, but it is real and often times, necessary. If you are the same way, it’s time we figure this out together.

0527132117-1 I’ve been enjoying reading lately, I unknowingly purchased a self-help guide that I have been   consumed in for the past week. I can relate to the author; her ability to be honest, whether she will be judged harshly or not,  has inspired me. Why should I tip-toe around other people’s feelings if I don’t like their joke? Was their joke insulting? Was it perverse? Why am I trying to let it roll off of my back? I’m not a hill, I can’t expect everything to just “roll” off me. Who are they really in the scheme of things?

Let’s think of ways I we can help each other, shall we?

  • We can start by simply expressing ourselves! (Yes, I am aware that I said ‘simply’). Though, this is no simple feat, it will feel good at the end of the day to know that we said how we felt and what we thought in the moment it had occurred, rather than stewing over it when we should be sleeping.
  • Talk. Talk to our most trusted confidant. There’s a reason they’re your number one go-to. Maybe this person can relate to you, maybe it’s the person that happens to know you the best, or perhaps s/he’s just an understanding, level-headed person. This person is our diamond in the rough, the nest to our egg, the petal to our flower, -er, you get the picture.
  • Don’t back down after explaining that someone has been offensive. Maybe they had no idea or perhaps they did, either way if we get offended by something someone has said, we cannot allow them to belittle the way it has made us feel.

Ok, these points might be a bit disorderly, but it’s one-step-at-a-time.


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