A leopard can’t change his spots

Ah clarity, where have you been all my life?

Recently, I have had a few life-changing occasions that have put my life into perspective. Though, some may believe that these moments are insignificant and pitiful in the scheme of things, I know better. These moments exemplify who I am and who I will be. High pressure situations, learning to hold my bearings, and to keep sailing North. My life compass spins wildly out of control for only a brief moment. Managing to stay afloat, I see the light.

This is not what I want to do, anyways.

I am all over the place, I have different interests and ideas of what my future will hold. I can never seem to commit to one single thing.


Why am I relating to the trout in this picture? Shouldn’t I be the bear?

My guess is that this whole time I have been settled; content with keeping things the way they have always been, comfortable. It’s time to be the bear! Although, I do see the irony of my previous statement. The trout is working so hard to swim upstream, all of her effort deems to be pointless in the end; before she can even realize what is happening, her journey comes to an abrupt stop. The bear is the comfortable one, he is waiting patiently for the food to just jump into his mouth.

Now that I’ve given this some more thought, I enjoy being the trout. I can work my way up the stream to where I want to be, the trick is to avoid the bears in life.

I guess that’s a good lesson, stay away from bears.

The truth of the matter is that I am not trying to motivate you, this is not my goal. I am on my own journey of motivation and I want to invite you for the ride. I cannot be held responsible for any motivation you might find along the way. You have only yourself to blame.


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